Success Stories

  • “I look at the photos of myself 3 years ago versus the photos now and my skin looks so different with JolieMD.”
    – Candy

  • “JolieMD has slowed down the aging process and has given me more confidence, because people comment about ‘Oh, your skin looks so good’ or ‘What do you use?’.”
    – Irma

  • “I’ve been using JolieMD for about 4 years. I noticed right away that the product addressed the acne problem. I would never wear my hair in my face, because I would break out and now I am actually able to wear my hair down like I wanted because of the product I don’t have to worry about the oils in the hair breaking my skin out.”
    – Sheree

  • “I had a lot of friends come and ask me what I was using on my skin. They were saying my skin looked better than ever. I heard the word glowing, fresh, and youthful – all those things every woman wants to hear.”
    – Annelise

  • “I have incredibly oily skin and large pores. I had acne as a teenager so I had scars and of course age spots from sun damage. When I started using it, I did see my pores get smaller. The redness get reduced. I started to get a lot of compliments in a few weeks.”
    – Michele

  • “What I really love about JolieMD is that the product actually works. I’ve seen a difference in my skin and so do my friends. People tell me basically my skin is amazing and it’s flawless and they say I have such great looking skin and this is all from this JolieMD product I’ve been using.”
    – Thorna

  • “JolieMD has really brightened my skin, tightened it, and just in general, made it look smoother, brighter. A lot of people are commenting on my skin now. My husband is really pleased with my skin.”
    – Marilyn