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Why Choose Us

Drs. Solieman and Litner have relied on Botox Cosmetic for many years to help our patients naturally and beautifully turn back the clock on aging skin. We like to think of Botox as nature’s miracle cure for frown and worry lines. When done properly, no one will have a clue that you’ve had Botox – you’ll just look naturally youthful and invigorated. In fact, many patients seek out Drs. Litner and Solieman because they don’t want the dreaded frozen or distorted look that can occur when less experienced or heavy-handed practitioners perform the treatment.

Whether you are looking to smooth out fine lines, restore a younger brow arch, elevate the drooping corners of your mouth, or eliminate muscle bands, you can look forward to your Botox treatment at Profiles Aesthetic Institute in Los Angeles. Come see the difference that two highly regarded facial plastic surgeons can make in helping you achieve effortless beauty.

Botox is the most frequently administered cosmetic treatment in the United States. Botox is most often used to relax facial muscles to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It can be used to soften existing lines as well as prevent new ones from forming. At Profiles Beverly Hills, Dr. Jason Litner and Dr. Peyman Solieman typically use Botox to correct the following:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Fine lines around the eyes (“crow’s feet”)
  • Lines around the mouth
  • Down-turned corners of the lips (to provide a gentle lift)
  • Neck bands
  • Certain types of facial asymmetry
What is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers

What is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

How Botox Works

An injection of Botox contains a very diluted amount of a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin. Once injected, the toxin temporarily stops chemical signals in the area, which paralyzes muscles so they no longer contract. During a treatment session, our doctors will inject Botox into pre-determined areas of the patient’s face. Once injected, the toxin begins working within 3 – 4 days and peaks within 2 weeks. The results of Botox typically last 4 – 6 months. As the effects of Botox wear off, normal muscle contractions return and the treated lines and wrinkles will slowly become apparent again. Most of our patients choose to undergo touch-up treatments every 4 months to maintain their results.